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Dry Toast

Rat Packer Brody Maclean is a mad grom from the south west of WA, charges and punts all with style, check this clip he put together, Dry Toast anyone?


Evening beers for the boys




With more lay days predicted for the next couple days, Josh, Davo and Rusty Brazil crew enjoy a casual beer. Yew




With a couple lay days here at the Rio event and things getting a little boring, Josh decided to get his locks chopped, we googled a hair style and here's the final result. Can you tell the difference?

Gromfest Airshow

During this years Rusty Gromfest co sponsor of the event Nixon are hosting a Josh Kerr KERRAZY AIRSHOW, groms are required to send in footage of themselves punting, Kerrzy will select 12 fav's and lead them into battle during the gromfest event, send footage to gromfest@rusty.com.au

Check this entry from jordan Lawler, going MAD!! Jords yewwwww.


Lunch Brazil style



Rio Event set to begin



THE SIXTEENTH annual Rusty Gromfest will again take place on the surf rich region of Lennox Head in Northern NSW from Friday July 8th through to Tuesday July 12th.
The Rusty Gromfest is undisputed as the orginal and best gathering of great young surfers and it’s honour roll of winners is the envy of all grom events in the world.
Try and match a list of past winners that includes Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Julian Wilson and the winners of the just completed ASP World Title event at Bells Beach Joel Parkinson and Sally Fitzgibbons. That's just a small sample of the winners from this awesome event.
Entries are now filling up, go to the events tab on the Rusty site to download an entry form.
For Australia’s best youngsters this is an event that is not to be missed and for their parents there’s no better place to enjoy a few weeks off surfing Australia’s winter season than the superb far north coast of NSW.
Bring it on Grom’s, we all await the best ripping action ever at the 2011 Rusty Gromfest!

Dinner with Rusty Brazil cre


Morning coffee, Rio style



Rio comp site from hotel


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