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Feeling Single...




See that single fin that Matty Wilko's staring at, longingly? It's Josh Kerr's new sled, shaped by Rusty Preisendorfer. The reason Wilko's so interested, is because he's just ordered a similar design himself. Forget quads, 2011's all about the single rudder.

Today was a lay-day at the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach, so the boys pulled together a small crew and cruised down the coast a little, to surf a break that sits just off the side of the road. During the trip, there was very little talk of the contest, with most discussion being about board design. The whole crew had a go of Kerr's board – Wilko, Damo Hobgood, Rusty Victoria rep Finn Barry and a coupla others. According to photog Damea Dorsey, Finn was surfing the best out of anyone.

Lay day road trippin.....



Preparing the crafts




Josh prepares a new Rusty board for his warm up surf.

Early Bells Check




Josh Kerr checking Bells early and signaling the swell is still tiny. No mens competition today??

Rip Curl Pro set to start da




Josh Kerr arrived in Torquay this afternoon for the Rip Curl Pro, we checked a little spot straight from the drive from the airport, swell on the rise and looking for a possible start day 1. Yew

Let the Rip Curl Pro begin




Myself and Josh Kerr just arrived into Torquay for the Rip Curl Pro, here's our first spot check straight from the airport. Bird Rock looking up to Winki.

Bali Dreaming....

Ozmosis x Rusty Surfboards

 Check out our fresh offering of new craft @ Ozmosis Frankston 

Yeomans flippin.....



Few arvo drinks




Rusty team enjoying a few arvo cocktails in Bali after a long day surfing.

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