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Jay & boys land beauty

Jay Davies, Taj Burrow and few lads land a monster Tuna on a recent boat trip through Fiji. TYEW!NA

Jay Davies visits shaper

Whilst in Sydney the other day Jay Davies popped into the Rusty surfboard factory to catch up and chat with Shaper Adrian "Aido" Wheeler before heading up the coast hunting some waves. yew.

check the pics.....


Jay Davies and more Bianca

Check out Jay Davies website below for more Cyclone Bianca madness....


Jay Davies luv's Bianca

Jay Davies enjoying the fruits of cyclone Bianca last weekend down south WA..........wow!

Xmas in the Sky

Check out Jay Davies and Chris Davidson talking show bags in the sky on Xmas day on their way back from Hawaii this season.


Kerr's leftover clips

Check out Josh Kerr's left over clips that didn't make into his upcoming profile movie "Kerrazy Kronicles due out around April 2011.

You kidding me these are leftovers........

Kalani Chapman Wave Of

Kalanis wave of the winter, chucked in a little prey to his mate Any Irons (R.I.P) mid tube. What a legend!!! 


Jay Davies WAVES Mag Cover

Davies scores the cover on WAVES mag, the mag crew are calling Jays air the "MUSCLE AIR", fair rig!!!!!!

Davies Log Cabin Dreaming

Jay @Log Cabins, its a fickle wave.


Kerr Flip Flappin

Kerr flip flappin on da east side bra.


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