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Davies Log Cabin Dreaming

Jay @Log Cabins, its a fickle wave.


Kerr Flip Flappin

Kerr flip flappin on da east side bra.


Happy Days Diary


On the hunt for a limited edition diary that showcases a mix of surf and art?
Happy Days combines a useful weekly diary with a mix of surfing, the joy of art and
the natural splendor of the ocean.
Be sure to check it out www.happydaysdiary.com.and get your hands on a copy.
Ideal Christmas present for all those people crazy about surfing or enjoy owning something unique.

surf/art diarysurf/art diary


Jay Davies hawaiing....

Jay Davies flaring on a small day at backdoor last week...


Finn Not Fick

Finn Barry our sales lord in Vic, he knows how to do Barriels.

Jay Bradshaw Davies

Jay Davies hits Rockpiles on his 9'6 for a couple.........



Rusty Swim (Rough Enough Set) scores the latest cover of POP magazine

POP is a nationwide free-press magazine that covers all things skate/snow/surf. They also have a sweet site - www.popmagazine.com.au save it in your favs.

Kerr Stab Words

Kerr has qualified 110%, before he was 99.9% but its a done deal now, STAB ran this article on their site and gives you an inside to where Kerrs head is at for the WT 2011. http://stabmag.com/elliot/like-a-light-switch

Rob Dyrdek Monster Tattoo

This is messed up, how much would you have to get paid to get a Monster Tattoo, mill easy I am calling....

Vote For Empire Ave

Have you checked empireave.com out before, if you have you will know its a pretty dam cool site and if you havent you will learn of its goodness.  The site is full of content with whats going on within this surf, skate, snow & beyond industries. Once you view the site it will be in your fav's.

The boys who run the show need your help, they need you to click here - http://everyguyed.com/the-cravats/#streetwear and vote for empireave with one click of the mouse. Thanks.....


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