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Rusty Team Aloha style #4

With a new swell hitting the north shore the last couple days, the team got busy and got to work......

Rusty Team Aloha style #3

Few fun waves around North Shore last couple days, stay tuned as a big swell predicted in coming days...........

flat week on the north shore

with only small waves and strong kona winds on offer on the north shore for the past week, Jay Davies makes the most of the conditions..........



Rusty Team Aloha style

The North Shore has been pretty average  for  waves over the last week, but the Rusty team has been trying their best to get some shots between some tennis, golf and beers / cocktails pool side to help the days cruise by..........

Kerr Qualifies

Josh Kerr just finished 4th place at the Sunset QS in Hawaii, Kerr smashed his way thru the quarters and semis today laying down some vintage "KONG" larry's. With a 4th place in the final QS event of the year see's Kerr qualifying for the CT in 2011, look out Snapper!!!!

Kerr Sunset

Kerr is on the edge of qualifying for the CT all he needs is to get thru a few heats at Sunset, the Sunset QS has been hold due to lack of swell but it could come up Weds. Kerr is in heat 2 of round 2. 

click here to check the action http://www.triplecrownofsurfing.com/oneillworldcup

J to the D

Jay Davies backing up his rep with some true blue aussie surfing. 



Jay Davies Crossing Over

Jay Davies slid past the boarder patrol to score this, you want to be friends with JD well hit him up on facebook - 



Gerber Getting Gold

Marlon showing us how to live it up Bali style....... wooooord 



Rusty Redline

Kevin Sullivan puts the Rusty Redline model through its paces in some solid hawaiian juice and it proves to be  more then a reliable board. 



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