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Damien Fahrenfort is at the fore front of progressive surfing and a South African surfing ambassador. In this interview we delve into the thoughts of Damien and his beliefs on competition surfing. 




Kerrs Margies Winning Vest

A little surf mad Grom "Kai" scored Kerrzy's comp rashie that he won in at the 6 Star Prime event at Margaret River this year, the lill fellow sent me the below pic. He got it framed, he said in his email that his old boy didnt help chip in for the framing and that he had to earn the coin doing odd jobs like taking the wax off his old boys board, washing his old boys car and baby sit his 3 sisters. Good work Champ, see you in the line up, yewwwwww.

Kalani Chapman Pipe pit

Kalani Chapman opens his account early for the "Wave of the Winter" competition going on this season in Hawaii. Kalani dominated the first few days of the season at Pipe last week, scoring plenty of barrels.

Check link below for nomination:


Jay Davies enjoying spring

Check Jay Davies enjoying spring time down around home recently........


Josh Kerr Slab Way


Marlon Wins ISC event Bali

Marlon wins his first ISC event and last event of the year at Halfway, Kuta.


A.I remembered in Kaui

Andy Irons remembered in Kauai

Andy Irons was remembered today in a memorial ceremony on his home island of Kauai. On the road into Hanalei Bay, decorations were visible everywhere. Many signs read things like, "Andy, we love you" and "1978 – Forever". On the walk down to the crowded beach, the letters 'A.I.' stood 25 feet tall, made of leaves and bamboo, erected by Robert Pa. Marquees lined the beach, with Andy memorabilia and t-shirts printed with 'AI', above a love heart and the letter 'U'. One huge wall was decorated with Irons family photos, including pictures of a handsome young Andy, many of which were with brother Bruce.

For more check out link below




Marlon Gerber in Corona ad

Check Rusty team rider Marlon Gerber starring in the latest edition to Corona's "from where you would rather be" advertising campaign

Rusty team road trippin

Check the Rusty team cruising the east coast of USA and road trippin to the outer banks.......yew


R.I.P Andy Irons

R.I.P Andy Irons. Today we lost a true legend.

"I've had my fair shares of hills and valleys, but my life's been radical and exciting. Stuff that kings would die to do. Straight up, fucken A. The lifestyle we've got and the life I've led since I was 17, I can't even tell my friends. I try and tell stories and they think I'm making it up or saw in in a fucking movie. Straight up. It's the life I wanted since I caught my first wave." Andy Irons, October 12, 2010.

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