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Surf Boardroom Surf League

The Surf Boardroom Surf League is a unique event which has been going strong since 1986, and 2010 saw eight of the best clubs in Western Australia battle it out in the closest event in recent history.

Brody Mclean in Yall's

Team rider Brody Mclean smashing a few lips from his local Yall's dig

Karlee in Russh

Russh magazine just did a feature on Karlee Mackie our amazing surfer, artist, environmentalist.

Be sure to check it out!

Photo courtesy of Sylve’ Colless

Izaac Wheeler @ Hurley Blast

Rusty Team rider Izaac Wheeler scores 2nd place in under 8’s final at the Hurley Blast Off comp at Avalon beach. Izaac progressed with 2 heat wins & a semi final win to advance to the final. Gotta love those lill folk, hows his boys chairing him up the beach like he just won a WCT, grom enthusiasm at its best.
Go White Dynamite


Rockaway Taco

These dudes have created the prefect life style, after you watch this the think tank turns over wondering how you and your crew could start something similar -

Sales Dude

Is the surf industry you get sales dudes that think they are ripping, they got the latest shit, fresh wax job and a spinning bow tie, they have talked it up so much you are convinced they must rip but guess what the more shit you talk up bigger kook you are going to be. On the other hand pictured below is our sale man in Sydney El Timbo, he doesn't talk it up and you know why cause he rips!! Seen many sales dudes that can pull into pits like this? I think not. Attached few shots of Tim going about his stuff courtesy of www.swellnet.com.au

Fantasy Surfer

Yeah i got a full time job I manage a team of surfers, if your not on Fantasy Surfer what the hell are you doing, get on it. Cut off for the next Ct in France is the 25th of September, register here www.fantasysurfer.com

Time to get Kerrazy

Check out interview with Josh Kerr On WAVES website about his up coming profile movie, livin in Cali, competing etc.....

Best of both worlds.....

This is possibly the best of both worlds......I think the move is called "hanging sword".....could be wrong.?


Dr Zoggs


Dr Zoggs Sex Wax, just hope he doesnt take his secret formula to the grave with him. Man if he stopped making wax I'd stop surfing.

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