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Ello Rusty

Found this cocky in a pet store on the weekend, when I walked in he was on full rotation ELLO RUSTY ELLO RUSTY, soon as I pull out the iphone he shuts his beak, why!!!

Waited about ten minutes again trying every trick in the book to get him firing, he eventually coughed up one ELLO RUSTY.
When our receptionist is sic he’s going to do some temp work for us answering the phones, good luck being put thru. 

Somewhere In West Africa


Vincent Duvignac somewhere in West Africa 

Two In One Month

Our boy Josh Kerr has been busy drumming up the media coverage this month, scoring himself two front covers in the same month.
STAB versa ASL – you decide. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect!  Suggested Reading .....

New Wave

Loving this - not much more to say really ....

Rusty Signs Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Rusty recently announced it signed on new team rider Pamela Anderson. 

It’s Lego Man!

 Introducing Lego man. He rips. More air, more vert and his friends are cooler than yours…. Plus he gets to kick it with Noddy. 



 NYC isn’t the most likely of locations for a surf store, but then there’s Saturday’s NYC. Think cool, cutting edge, sophisticated and down right rad and you’ve got one of the hippest kids on the block in Saturday’s NYC


The True OC

 Rusty has secured a house for the summer in the very sought after area of Newport Beach, California. The peeps at Rusty decided where else to set up base camp for wandering team riders? 

True OC

Josh Kerr Releases Trailer F

 Be sure to check out the latest from Rusty’s very own, Josh Kerr aka Kerrazy – the debut trailer for “Kerrazy Kronicles”, set for international release November 2010. 

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