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Preview - R Rated

R-Rated (1994): An all-Australian production with a heavy bend towards Australia’s Bright Young Things: Sunny Abberton, Matt Branson (now a proud homosexual punk drummer!), Jye Gofton and Shane Powell.


Preview - No Way Man

No Way Man (2005): Josh Kerr schooled the world in the new art of air grabs. Indy? No, it’s a frontside grab! So technical! With fine supporting cameos by James Catto, Jay Davies and the Harrington bros. Afro-Australian band Wolfmother is paid in beers for the song, Woman, another destined-to-be-a-worlwide-hit included in a Rusty soundtrack a full year before its release.

Preview - Virtuality

Virtuality (1998): In the last days of the nineties, virtual living was a key issue. Soon, promised our masters, we would live, drive, love (and surf) via software plugged into helmets. Rusty took this theme and built a movie around it. Cute at the time, a curio now.

Preview- Scissors Paper Rock

Scissors Paper Rock (2004): Y’like secret spots? This movie, with James Catto, Josh Kerr and CJ Hobgood, turned you onto a fist of the world’s cutest waves in Mexico, Sri Lanka, Australia and the US. The use of Are You Going to be My Girl by Australian guitar rockers Jet 12 months before it was released signaled a new seriousness of thought towards the Rusty soundtracks.

Preview - Changes

Changes (2008): A series of gigantic tubes – and not just of the Hawaiian variety – tempered with innumerable finners and tail-high airs. Stars Jamie O’Brien, Josh Kerr, the Harrington brothers, Jay Davies, Jayke Sharpe and Nate Yeomans. Kerr’s section bounces to The Presets’ festival anthem Talk Like That, secured, again, well before its commercial release. What are we, freakin’ clairvoyants? Not even close. We just like our music served fresh.

Preview - Cop It

Cop It (2006): For all of its full-rotations and grim ledges towed into by James Catto, Cop It will be forever remembered for the Rusty team miming Chromeo’s Needy Girl in the credits. Wearing white sailor suits. So butch!

Preview - Under The Same Sun

Under the Same Sun (1993): Remember Silverchair, Australia’s teenage answer to Seattle Grunge? Under the Same Sun was the first movie to use Silverchair in a soundtrack. So true! Stars Taylor Knox, Tony Hawk, Todd Chesser, Willy Santos and Pat O’Connell. For the first time, a surf movie dives into snow and skate.

Kerrazy Kronicles- Josh Kerr

The “KERRAZY KRONICLES” movie is on the tip of cutting edge performance, Kerr who is known as one of the best aerial surfers on the planet doesn’t disappoint when it come to above the lip, his performance on the rail shows a boy who has become a man and his tube riding skills is second to none. The movie has been filmed from around the globe, from the chaos of Kerr weaving thru the crowd at his beloved Snapper Rocks, above the lip and tight in the pocket Bali attack, back side punts that leave you disheveled at Macaroni’s, massive Barbados pits, getting his fair share at Hawaii’s infamous Pipeline and plenty more will get you amped to hit the salt and do some Kerrzy’s ! 

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