Rusty Wired Series


Excitement is building for the upcoming release of Rusty's Wired Series.

A pioneer in surfboard technology and leading lifestyle brand for over 25 years, Rusty continues to push the boundaries of innovation and design with this collection.

Fully equipped with HB3-powered, machine washable headphones in the draw cords and a music player jack in the pocket, Rusty's Wired Series is one of the most exciting lifestyle collaborations the brand has ever undertaken.

"I'm so stoked Rusty's come up with the Wired Series.  I'm always listening to music before I go surf whether it's in a comp or just down at my local and now I've got the perfect hoodie to do it in.  And the best part - I never have to worry about getting it wet - its 100% designed for a travelling surfer like me" raves Rusty surfer, Josh Kerr.

"I don't need to think about breaking my headphones anymore" says Rusty skateboarder Bastien Salabanzi.  "I can just plug in and tune out - it's awesome."

The Rusty Wired Series will be available at select surf shops and specialty stores nationwide as of December 2010 - perfect timing for your holiday shopping!

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