Torsion Spring

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WPC (water proof core) – special developed blank that is waterproof, stronger and lighter than PU, with great flex and spring. The WPC has the dynamic flex of polyurethane and the light weight of EPS. Its closed cell foam(waterproof) produces a structural bond to specially developed cloths using high grade epoxy resins utilizing our VLS -Vacuum Lamination System that create a board without any excess resin. Stronger. Lighter. The HEKC(high endurance Kevlar carbon) tape has been develop to a perfect match. The blend of rigid carbon and the flexibility of kevlar are combined in a lay-up that is ideal for torsional flex and control. Carbon fiber is nothing new to surfing, most boards integrate the composite on the tail because of its rigidity and strength. Kevlar is equally as strong, but not as stiff. The combination of the two unidirectional composites is incredibly strong without making the board stiff and brittle with carbon alone. The Torsion Spring Technology (patent pending) creates a strong I-beam structure around the rails through the main PART of the board. the three dimensional I-beam rails around the hull of the board transition to a more dynamic flex pattern of a leaf spring under your back foot. This unique feature harnesses the kinetic energy gathered through the entire board with the ability to release all power with control. It enables the board to creates speed at the first turn, keeping it constantly trough maneuvers. The board is always ready, loaded with drive yet loose, waiting for your command. TST will make you surf faster, quicker and looser with lots of drive. It will outlast you strongest board and yet it will be lightest in your quiver.
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Stock Dimensions and Volume


Construction Length Width Thickness Volume
PU 5'5" 18.3" 2.13" 23.16 L
PU 5'6" 18.4" 2.15" 23.6 L
PU 5'7" 18.5" 2.18 24.6 L
PU 5'8" 18.6" 2.2" 25.18 L
PU 5'9" 18.7" 2.22" 26.08 L
PU 5'10" 18.8" 2.25" 26.82 L
PU 5'11" 18.85" 2.28" 27.75 L
PU 6'0 " 19" 2.32" 28.75 L
PU 6'1" 19.1" 2.35" 29.82 L
PU 6'2" 19.25" 2.4" 30.99 L
PU 6'3" 19.35" 2.45" 32.34 L
PU 6'4" 19.45" 2.5" 33.48 L
PU 6'5" 19.5" 2.55" 35.04 L
PU 6'6" 19.6" 2.6" 36.74 L
PU 6'7" 19.7" 2.7" 38.04 L
PU 6'8" 19.85" 2.75" 39.59 L

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