Rusty Air Fresheners - 4-Pack

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Pack of all 4 Rusty Air Freshener varieties. Includes:

  • Coconut Dream

    With a refreshing and tropical scent, Coconut Dream will make you feel a world away from your Corolla’s rear view mirror. Breathe in the distinct scent of a faraway exotic island as you sit in traffic and fantasise about a life you don’t currently have

  • Pineapple Party

    Like a Pina Colada (but without the alcohol, the coconut, the glass, or even the liquid), Pineapple Party will conjure memories of after-work happy hour drinks where you said things you shouldn’t have said and spent more than you should have spent. You may have lost your dignity, but at least you still have enough in your account for this air freshener

  • Vanilla Mystery

    Does it smell like ice cream or your grandma’s toilet spray? We don’t know – we wrote this before we got them. Rest assured, we’re as curious as you are right now

  • Masculine Cologne

    A strong masculine scent, but not in a “40 degree day on the bus” kinda way. As the name suggests it’s more like the smell of cologne; a masculine fragrance for masculine men who need to cover their masculine scent with the even more masculine scent of fragrance. Put this air freshener in your Hyundai so it can finally be masculine too
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