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Gothic R

It was first introduced in 1991, and its reissue in 2018 forms a milestone for our Before Crowds Collection.

This is Gothic R

Kevin Schulz - Home // Away

Home / Away - Watch the latest edit from Rusty's American ambassador Kevin Schulz. 

Noah Schweizer - Vol.2: East Coast

VOL. 2: East Coast

A Film starring Noah Schweizer

Scott & Tyla Pass Uncover the remote islands of Indonesia

Scott & Tyla Pass Uncover the remote islands of Indonesia for Summersite and Rusty Australia

Rusty in Portugal by Summersite

We teamed up again with our friends at Summersite to shoot a quick editorial while our team rider Pama Davies was travelling through Europe. They caught up with Pama in Portgual, check out the write up by Summersite.

North Beach NZ with the goods

North Beach once again teamed up with the super talented photographer, Brijana Cato to shoot our latest range over in NZ.

Rusty x Coastcare

Get ready for the party of the summer and a TOAST to the COAST! 


An all-Aussie adventure featuring deadly snakes, psychedelic berries and the wizardry of Rusty team rider Harry Bryant.

Coal Coast Road Trip

Jack Davis winning submission to Summersites Summer Seekers shot down the south coast of Sydney. 

Jonas Tawharu amongst your favourite Balinese hot spots

Via DAMAGED GOODS ZINESixty Percent Sent is all about familiar tropical thrills. Dune kennings, Sean Kettle, Jordan Griffin, Jonas Tawharu and Mark Parthemore amongst your favourite Balinese hot spots. Dive in for a bit of fun and a few good waves.

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