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Go Gordo

Here’s Brazilian Felipe Cesarano aka ‘Gordo’ testing every fluttering inch of his nerve at giant and blue Desert Point. There’s not much space for error when Deserts hits this size, and Gordo handles the day with apparent ease. Maximum passion points have to be awarded also, especially at the close where despite the end section about to send him skyward, Gordo can’t help but raising his hands and let out a howl! GO GORDO!!!

Shape your own with Aido



1-on-1 Shaping Lesson With Rusty Head Shaper Adrian 'Aido' Wheeler

Star Surf + Skate's Perth store is again hosting a week of 1-on-1 shaping lessons delivered by Rusty head shaper Aido.

If you've ever thought about having a crack at designing and shaping your own board, this is the best chance you'll ever get!


Noa Deane - Feeling Strange Again

Coolangata native and coming from a legendary family in the Australian surfing sphere, Noa Deane is like most of his elders. At barely 21 he’s already become one of the best surfers in the world. Yet Noa doesn’t just express himself though an explosive, aerial approach to surfing, he also possesses a deep passion for music and the art of carving on concrete. Desillusion editor in chief Sebastien Zanella spent two days with the young prodigy gaining an introspection into his world, experimenting the scope of musical possibilities, seeking his own limits.

Directed by Sebastien Zanella ~ Desillusion Magazine

Rusty Summer 15 Swimwear Collection

Rusty Summer 15 Swimwear range is dropping into stores and online over the next couple of months. 

If these images don’t get you in the mood for summer then we don’t know what will.




Kerr and Noa Waking

What isn’t to love about Josh Kerr? Not only is he a webcast drawcard (at any location), but he also wake surfs like a boss. So good is Mr Kerr at surfing a boat wake, that he’s sponsored by a wake boat company (Tige Boats).

Following the Rio Pro, Kerrzy stuck around in Brazil with fellow Rusty teamer Noa Deane, and did time on a friend’s yacht. The benefit of a heavier boat? A much bigger wake. Really, it isn’t too far from a wavepool when done right. “This thing was different to the wake boats I usually surf behind,” says Kerrzy. “It’s a 30-foot, three-bedroom yacht. It’s naturally weighted almost perfect.”


Words by Elliot Struck

In his signature style of communication, Noa Deane describes his first impressions of Brazil after leaving the airport as thus: “You know how when you get off the plane in a new place, you look at how much stuff there is around? In Brazil I started looking at stuff, and I was like, fuck, there’s a fair bit of stuff here.” Laughter follows and if you’re unfamiliar with Noa’s bizarre (and excellent) wit, here’s a translation: Rio, to junior Deane, was an overwhelming assault to the senses on first impression.

Click through to read the full story...

Rusty presents TUFF - Watch it online now

Rusty Presents TUFF a Noa Deane movie featuring Josh Kerr & Dylan Goodale. A collection of clips including a trip to New Zealand, a week in West OZ scoring the Box & North Point and some unseen footage from Cluster mixed with some strange and interesting tunes dancing around some seriously tweaked clips.
Watch & download here.
Clip by Kai Neville

Metal Aloha Launch Party @Rusty_Manly

The Rusty Metal Aloha Launch Party at our Manly Store.


Rusty Spring 2015 - Vibe Clip

Watch the Rusty Spring 2015 vibe clip featuring Mimi Elashiry, Lydia Kirwood and Noa Deane.

Shop the collection online and in stores now.

The 'Bi Polar'

Josh Kerr hand shaped this asymmetrical surfboard under the guidance of the legendary Rusty Preisendorfer. Josh is calling this board the "Bi Polar" due to its asymmetrical outline, he has taken the board to compete in the WSL event at Tahiti, Teahupo'o this week and after the event the board is being auctioned off on ebay with all proceeds going to big wave charger Darryl "Flea" Virostko's FleaHab rehabilitation programme.

The mission of FleaHab is to provide a sober living environment, created to integrate exercise and a healthy lifestyle into the recovery process for those afflicted with drug or alcohol addiction. FleaHab will provide an alternative sober living program for clients interested in a more holistic approach to recovery. With the help of friends, family, and business associates, Darryl is incorporating what he has learned to work for his sobriety into a concept to help others. He has worked with recovering addicts locally and experienced success in introducing these clients to the benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle.

“FleaHab is a place where people who are recovering from addiction can live and get back to the healthy activities they enjoy. Activities include: surfing, skateboarding, tennis, golf, biking, hiking, and camping.” – Darryl Virostko

Bidding starts the 14th – 24th of August, free shipping include. Click here to bid

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