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Rusty Eyewear - Staple styles created to withstand the test of time. Keeping quality and design to a premium.

Lydia wears the 'PROUD' frame. Available now in stores and online.


Josh Kerr doesn’t sweat the lay days. He might’ve used to, when he was a little newer to this game, but now when he hears lay day, all he thinks is opportunity for fun. Since being on the Gold Coast, and since the swell got all shy, Josh has been enjoying the fruits of a contact at Tige Boats. He may just be one of the world’s best wake surfers, as you’ll see here: He stomps a royal flush (slob, frontside grab, stalefish and lien in a row). But there’s more to keeping it breezy on lay days than just riding a wake, as Josh will articulate here…


Makai McNamara had a pretty good winter around home on the North Shore of Oahu...check out his highlight clip for proof...

The Olson Boot

Rusty presents The Olson Boot, a staple desert boot style that can be worn with anything.

In stores and online now

Rusty presents The 'Sista Brotha' by Noa Deane

Noa Deane’s latest the ‘Sista Brotha” is developed from his free-surfing travels. This performance shortboard excels in conditions from beach breaks to point breaks. The Sista Brotha features a single concave, moderate entry rocker and a low tail rocker with a fuller rail making this a lively board that allows Noa to execute his arsenal of maneouvers without thinking twice…Sista Brotha from Noa Deane.

Sterling Spencer - Hook Out Beach Pant Episode 2

Sterling Spencer & Rusty have partnered again to bring you episode 2 of the Rusty Hook Out Beach Pant series which explores the pants versatility. Who's says you can only exercise in spandex? Bring home the GOLD Sterling, bring it home!!!

Rusty Before Crowds Collection

Rusty Before Crowds Collection - Mini clip 1 featuring Mimi Elashiry and Lydia Kirwood.

Mimi Elashiry - Spray On Pant

Mimi Elashiry in the Rusty Spray On Pant. In stores and online now.

Video by Shane Fletcher.

New Zealand with Noa Deane

When the tour comes to Coolangatta (the home town of Noa Deane) it brings not only the top 33 but also every man and his dog, his neighbour, local butchers, distance cousins and more dogs. You know how crowded Snapper is any way well imagine that line up plus all the extras, almost comes a game of surfing jenga. When Noa saw New Zealand was in 'batten down the hatches' mode with cyclone PAM on its way it wasn't a hard decision to dodge the Gold Coast crowds are head straight into a cyclone. There was a few blown out days with once in a lifetime waves braking inside harbours and at random places. As soon as it passed the swell stayed and winds were off shore. Here is Noa ooping on the east coast of NZ, not sure if this wave has been ridden before, not sure if its even a wave but we do know now that cyclone PAM was the goods!! 
Photo - @billy_leepope

Noa Deane on the cover of Surfer Magazine

Noa Deane has landed the cover of Surfer Magazine's latest issue.  Coming straight off Noa's closing part in Cluster, this has already been a big year for Noa. He is set to become one of the most watched surfers in the world and we are very lucky to have him as part of the Rusty family!

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