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Sterling Spencer - Hook Out Beach Pant Episode 1

Rusty's latest addition to the OUR KIND family, Sterling Spencer has been hard at work producing a mini series for our staple pant the 'Hook Out Beach Pant'. We are proud to officially release Episode 1. Sit back, relax and enjoy Stirling's take on a Rusty favourite.

Women's Denim and Pant Fit Guide

The Rusty women's pant and denim fit guide - find your perfect pair!


The Rusty men's pant and denim fit guide - find your perfect pair of denim!

Rusty Autumn 15 Collection

When the wind picks up and the sun dies down, layer up!

RUSTY Autumn 2015 range is falling into stores and online now. Check out the lookbook shot by Ben Sullivan featuring Olive Cooke and Noa Deane.


Last night Rusty teamed up with What Youth and Globe to show the second premiere anywhere in the world of CLUSTER at our Laguna Beach Flag Ship Store. The place was full from front to back and the pavements around the store were lined with people. TVs were mounted on every wall to make it easy to see the movie from where ever you were. Noa was in attendance as well as Brenden Gibbons, Dion Agius, Danny Fuller, and a host of other pros and groms in the Laguna area. The crew from Kelly Slaters new drink company PURPS sponsored the event as well as Ole Smokey Moonshine served from vintage jars just to mix things up a bit. With at least 300 hundred people making an appearance, the night was a huge success !!

Cluster World Premier

It was 2 years in the making and last night at the ace hotel in downtown Los Angeles, CLUSTER was premiered. The whole cast was there and the line to get into the building was wrapped around the block. The film by Kai Neville features the best guys in the world that are currently not surfing on the WSL, they travelled the planet looking for the best destinations to try and nail the best clips possible for their individual sections.

Rusty Manly

Rusty is honored to announce its first flagship store located in the iconic surf town of Manly (Sydney, NSW). Rusty burst onto the scene with surfboards and following many years later was the launch of an apparel range, which continued to grow into the brand you see today. It seemed only natural to open a store in a town with such a surf rich heritage, just like the brand itself.

The Rusty Manly store has a huge range of surfboards but also stocks the latest men’s and ladies apparel, swimwear, board shorts, footwear, eyewear and accessories.

Before Crowds Collection 3

In 1985 Rusty Preisendorfer started his own shaping line called Rusty using a large R with a dot as his logo. This was referred to simply as the ‘R Dot’. A symbol which did not take long to move onto apparel as the brand became more established and recognised in the world of surfing. Before Crowds pays homage to these early beginnings of Rusty and the ‘R Dot’. Here we will be bringing back original pieces we believe stand the test of time, personally sourced from the great man’s wardrobe himself.

Rusty Eyewear 2015 Collection

Rusty present's its third collection of eyewear keeping quality and design at a premium. Staple styles created to withstand the test of time.

In stores and online now.

Trunk Talk

Welcome to Trunk Talk, a mini documentary series from Stab and Surf Stitch that details the lives of gents who make the trunks we surf in. You wanna talk under-appreciated? These are the cats who minimise your rash, modify your manoeuvrability, mould your style, maximise your time in the water. This is our way of profiling these gents, just a little, so you might better understand just where your surf shorts are coming from.

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