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Josh Kerr's Travel Companions

Josh Kerr travels the world surfing and the ocean being unpredictable throws all different conditions his way. He needs the equipment to deal with what is basically out of his hands. He has travelled enough to know what each break brings, from its worst day to its best day. Here is what Josh packs in his surfboard travel bag, a little bit of everything to keep him covered.

Josh Kerr Past To Present Victorian Premier

Rusty in collaboration with Trigger Brothers took it back to the good old days of surf with the Victorian premiere of Josh Kerr's feature film "Past to Present". The local shredders of the Mornington Peninsula appreciated Kerrzy's style and Rusty's generosity, making sure the bar staff at the Sorrento Hotel were suitably busy.


We launched our first eyewear range back in 2013 on the tumblr famous face of Teresa Oman. If you have been living under a rock or with your gran who doesn't have the internet yet then Teresa Oman is an Aussie model hailing from Byron Bay and she is tumblr famous. She was voted the highest blogged model in 2013 and lets face it, she's a babe. Anyway, enough about Teresa…

Noa Deane - Vibe Dumpster

Noa Deane doesn't do anything in halves. If its not worth putting all your heart and soul into then there is no real point. Hence this helluva hack at Rockies, all rail.
Noa is wearing the Rusty Vibe Dumpster boardshort - dropped crotch, antifit boardshort featuring a sublimated Rusty print, tie waist with lycra fly, and an 18” out seam.

Josh Kerr Past To Present Queensland Premier

Premieres of Josh Kerrs bio film "Past To Present" are happening around the globe at the moment with a world wide release coming December.
Josh premiered his film at his old stomping ground Snapper Rocks and invited all the board riders. Legends such as Bruce Lee, Jay Phillips, Wayne Deane, Rabbit and many a frothing grommet came down to the Rainbow Surf Club and watched one of their own on the big screen. It  was a fun night with good laughs and some good old surf bro downs.


Summer is here!...well maybe not officially but the Rusty Summer 2014 range has dropped and is in stores and online now.

Here is the lookbook, shot by Ben Sullivan.

Rusty Summer 14 Swim Collection

There are countless reasons why we love summer – long days, hot nights, less clothing and everyone seems that little bit happier. We are counting down the days until we can bust out some new bathers and hit the beach. Our new swim range is sure to make you feel the same.

Summer 2014 Vibe Clip

Rusty Summer 2014 drops into stores and online in the coming weeks.

Here is a sneak peek of the range, featuring Olive Cooke and Noa Deane.



Josh Kerr has finally found his footing on the elite ASP World Tour. For a long time, his approach to surfing was viewed as too reckless and wild for the confines of the pro surfing format. So, he used that time to win a world Air Show title and invent a few manoeuvres.


In a world surrounded by synthetic talent contests and popularity glorification on television, Red Engine Caves are a band that write and play music on feeling and desire. Searching for a way to express their ideas and draw in their audience, Red Engine Caves take their audience on a journey transcending into jam-outs laced with hard rock, the blues and psychedelia.


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