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Rusty Summer 14 Swim Collection

There are countless reasons why we love summer – long days, hot nights, less clothing and everyone seems that little bit happier. We are counting down the days until we can bust out some new bathers and hit the beach. Our new swim range is sure to make you feel the same.

Summer 2014 Vibe Clip

Rusty Summer 2014 drops into stores and online in the coming weeks.

Here is a sneak peek of the range, featuring Olive Cooke and Noa Deane.



Josh Kerr has finally found his footing on the elite ASP World Tour. For a long time, his approach to surfing was viewed as too reckless and wild for the confines of the pro surfing format. So, he used that time to win a world Air Show title and invent a few manoeuvres.


In a world surrounded by synthetic talent contests and popularity glorification on television, Red Engine Caves are a band that write and play music on feeling and desire. Searching for a way to express their ideas and draw in their audience, Red Engine Caves take their audience on a journey transcending into jam-outs laced with hard rock, the blues and psychedelia.



Ummm can I get one of those? Ahhh how about a Yes Thanks? What? I’m confused…Ok a little off the subject but let me break this board down for you, the Yes thanks is a wider, fuller performance shortboard designed for knee to solid overhead surf. 


The sun is setting later and there is something in the air that instantly makes you happier…summer is coming, which means beach days, tan lines, BBQ, summer lovin and all that other stuff that we wished would stick around forever. Best part about summer is the beach and soaking up some sunshine. 


Sorry northern hemisphere but we are from the south side and its about to get real hot, but hey don’t worry, we have you covered with our Spring 14 range.

For your viewing pleasure…..

Olive Cooke is Our Kind

She’s young, creative, hot, oozing cool and dominating the world of instagram. Based on the west coast, she is the ultimate free spirited beach babe. She is OUR KIND.


A favourite of Josh Kerr’s, the Nitrous Boardshort delivers on multiple levels. Featuring a thicker, non-slip internal waistband application and internal lap seams, these boardies won’t be rolling or dropping any time soon. 


Noa Deane 19 years from Coolangatta has climbed the ranks to be one of the best and most sort after surfers on the planet. His approach to begging waves is some how unorthodox with an attitude for A+ Clips / All Or Nothing unpredictability flare. He is part of the What Youth movement, Dane Reynolds takes him on trips, see Danes LOADED movie.

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