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Lucas Silveira - Couple Days, Couple Islands

Lucas Silveira doesn't chill out on down time between contests. Never not working. Never not out there grinding.

Thanks for partying with us!

Because of you, the support of Little Creatures, our retailers and industry partners, we raised $10,000 to provide Coastcare grants to protect and improve the health of local marine and coastal environments.


WATCH: Noah Schweizers latest edit with What Youth 'STREAM'

Good Doogs // Nothing To Do Tour

Mandurah's finest hit the road through March to tare Aus a new one. Check the tour video inside for some insane antics and the debut of the boys new sport, beer cricket, heading to the 2021 Olympics.

Same place, same time, same waves

With down time in between QS events earlier this year, team riders Lucas Silveira, Kevin Schulz and Letty Mortensen were all in town and up to no good on the shores of Hawaii. It is not often that our shit aligns and our team are in the same place, at the same time, on the same waves so we sent over our mate and collaborator, Tyler Bell to join their entourage.

James McKean - The Next Step

In 2001 James McKean witnessed one of the most historic big wave surfing sessions as riders such as Mark Matthews and Kieren Perrow surfed Shipstern Bluff. Inspired, James set his focus on surfing the wave himself and continues to push his performance at the break.

Meet the Good Doogs

Our latest addition to the #OURKIND family.


It's not about winning or losing. It's about choosing to be in. ALL IN.

Sal S

Meet Our Kind: Sal - Tattoo artist extraordinaire

Harry Bryant

Meet Our Kind: Harry Bryant

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