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The Rusty Dwart has been a mainstay in the Rusty range for nearly a decade. We can’t really build a “better Dwart”, in fact plenty of people have tried and failed. Yet, with so many satisfied repeat customers we decided it was time to expand the family…Introducing the Dwart Too. The Dwart Too redirects the original mission a little bit, and refines a well-tuned machine into a precision alternative.

What did we do to the Dwart Too? We gave it a squash tail, which increases the surface area in the tail and translates to more acceleration out of the turn. We then narrowed the nose slightly, which allows the board to enter a turn faster. We increased the tail rocker a little, which makes the board turn tighter and we thinned, or foiled, the rails out to increase the hold and sensitivity at higher speeds. We also reconfigured the double concaves in the tail to create a more positive feel in a turn.

And we did all this yet only gave up 1 liter of volume in any given size, which means you have the option of losing a liter or going up one inch from the original Dwart. Want to get something new and fresh under your feet? Positive, responsive, loose, fast and free? The new Dwart Too should be the board for you….

*All boards are custom shaped, so please allow up to 4 weeks for shaping and delivery.

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Stock Dimensions and Volume


Construction Length Width Thickness Volume
PU 5'6" 20.25" 2.5" 30.7L
PU 5'7" 20.37" 2.56" 32.1L
PU 5'8" 20.5" 2.6" 33.3L
PU 5'9" 20.62" 2.64" 34.5L
PU 5'10" 20.75" 2.69" 35.9L
PU 5'11" 20.87" 2.75" 37.4L
PU 6'0 " 21" 2.81" 39L
PU 6'1" 21.25" 2.84" 40.5L
PU 6'2" 21.5" 2.84" 41.5L
PU 6'3" 21.62" 2.87" 42.8L
PU 6'4" 21.75" 2.89" 43.9L
PU 6'5" 21.87" 2.93" 45.3L
PU 6'6" 22" 2.97" 46.9L

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